Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i can play "go teke go" (coolboarders 2 theme) on my guitar. if that doesnt get pussy i dont know what does

done snowbrucing for the year. I like to pretend I'm skating when I snowboard, here go some shit I merked.

this corrugated pipe goes ZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTT when you slide it

the green rail. steeper than it looks. This isn't me in the pic.the propane and propane accessories tank was way fun.
This is the baby park at ATP. Good place to warm up and bury a few beers in the snow behind the fence. I did a lot of tail taps on the flag beside the mini jump to the right.
the chordeed ween box! If you don't approach it right, you just fly in a straight line across the top and off the back. bend ur knees k.

there's way more shit at ATP that I got tricks on, but these are just pics from the resorts website. If anybody would ever go ride with me, I'd film a mawfukkin sponsor-me video, word is bond

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