Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WOULD PWN WEDNESDAY jailbird edition

a longtime favorite. Since way before she was a drunk drivin', bitch-chasin', cocaine havin', jewelry thiefin' ass bitch

heroin skank-ass ho. Actually, she shouldn't be on here. Would not pwn.
drunk drivin' ass grackle. Aww, cheer up.
drunk drivin' ass grackle 2. Pissed off as hell, in typical redhead fashion.
the rare weed sellin' ass beeatch. Yeah!
None of these gracks are particularly outstanding, but when you're scrolling through the inbreds, bums and dirtnecks that make up the Mecklenburg County daily mugshots, a fairly normal looking girl stands out like a lemon in a bag of rocks. resepc.\\\

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